World Dog Alliance (WDA) is the first and only organization dedicated to “promoting clear legislation on banning dog meat consumption” in countries around the world. Through the united efforts of NGOs and individuals, WDA hopes to end the suffering of 30 million dogs who are slaughtered every year in Asian countries for their flesh. WDA also aims to end the human suffering of losing a companion to the dog meat trade, where 70% of dogs slaughtered as food are stolen pets.

Dogs are special animals, they are our family members and soul mates. The torturous transport, violent treatment and brutal slaughter are all completely intolerable actions that cannot be justified under any circumstances. WDA considers legislation to be the ultimate solution and end to these horrors perpetrated on man’s best friend.

Many non-profit organizations focus on the risks posed by dog meat to humans such as transmittable diseases like rabies. Although WDA acknowledges these human concerns, our organization is more concerned with the deep suffering of the dogs used for food in Asia. By shifting focus from animal cruelty to human related concerns there is the potential that Asian governments will simply respond by regulating the vaccination, transport, slaughter and food safety of dogs – rather than banning their consumption. WDA is committed to banning the consumption of dog meat under any circumstances due to the inherent cruelty of betraying the undeniable connection between dogs and humans.

WDA understands that the most effective way to legislate is to gain traction with governmental leaders. WDA is drafting a uniform legislative bill banning dog meat consumption that will be submitted to the United States and United Kingdom authorities with the united efforts many nongovernmental organizations and individual supporters. WDA will follow this strategy throughout different Asian countries where dog meat is widely consumed.

WDA has produced Eating Happiness, a documentary film exposing the intrepid cruelty of dog meat consumption in Asia. This documentary film will be the most powerful tool to educate people around the world about the facts of the dog meat trade. With the support of the public pushing for legislation will be much easier to achieve.

Our Founder

Genlin, Shanghai born, Japanese nationality, Hong Kong resident, originally Peng Hong Ling, now Hiroshi Horiike, Shanghai University honourable board member and visiting professor. Genlin worked in “Nissho Iwai Corporation”, a celebrated Japanese company, worked and lived in Tokyo for over ten years.

In 1994, Genlin established “Large Horse International (Group) Co., Ltd.”, a combination of industry, trading and investment, with businesses across Europe, Asia and the United States.

In 1995, with a view to improving the education environment in his hometown, Guizhou, Genlin established “Peng Xin Chao Foundation”, named after his father, building schools, libraries, setting up multiple scholarships, supporting hundreds of students that are destitute as of now.

In order to repay his indebted mother school – Shanghai University, Genlin established “Genlin Foundation”, and set up the following in Shanghai University:

  • Genlin Sports Elite Award, Genlin Elite Artistic Award
  • Artistic accomplishment Award
  • Exceptional Artistic Education Award
  • Donated “Genlin Tennis Stadium”
  • Donated Teaching Building

Over the past 20 or so years, Genlin has donated and contributed over 10 billion Hong Kong Dollars (around USD 13 million). During recent years, Genlin thinks that human beings should conserve the environment and treat animals better. When he found out that Asian countries have the corrupted customs of dog meat consumption, he was distraught, since Genlin treats dogs as family members and his soul mate.

To counteract and change this cruel habit, Genlin set up “World Dog Alliance” in 2014, its goal is to prompt Asian governments to pass “clear legislation banning dog meat consumption”. As of today, to push towards its goal, “World Dog Alliance” has organized a variety of promotional events, given out “Dog Lovers’ Award”, donating animal hospitals, and self-funded the production of documentary “Victory Cry”, revealing the truth about the stealing and torturing of dogs in Asian countries, and the dark side of the Asian dog meat chain, with the hopes of raising the awareness of animal lovers around the world.

Genlin has made a public commitment that he will only save 10% of his fortune for his family and friends, 90% will be donated to charity, especially campaigns concerning dogs.

Milestones by WDA


  • World Dog Alliance founded


  • First international conference hosted in Hong Kong (include specific name of conference)




21st August

  • US$1 million donation made in support of legislation banning dog meat
  • [Include events from 2015, make relevant to Britain and/or Europe if possible]





  • Legislative bill prohibiting cat and dog meat products entering food market is introduced in China



  • 100,000 signatures gained for UK petition against dog meat trade in South Korea



  • Initial debate concerned dog meat trade held in Parliament



  • Mayor of Seongnam abolishes South Korea’s largest dog market, thanks to pressure applied by UK petition and campaigners






  • Enactment of dog and cat meat consumption ban in Taiwan



  • ‘Animal Guardian’ established in Taiwan to facilitate prosecution of dog meat consumption



  • Opera singer Andrea Bocelli cooperates with WDA to promote ‘explicit legalisation against dog meat consumption’



  • Congressman Alcee Hastings introduces H.R. 1406 bill to crack down on dog meat consumption in the United States



  • ‘Companion Animal Welfare Protection Seminar’ held in China’s National Congress






  • Senators Kirsten Gillibrand and Patrick Toomey introduce amendment banning sale of dog meat into Senate Farm Bill; it is passed on the same day



  • The Sun publishes article detailing WDA’s campaign



  • R. 6720, a revision of H.R. 1406 bill from July 2017, is introduced by Congressman Vern Buchanan



  • Stricter controls over dog meat trade and consumption introduced in Japanese restaurants



  • R. 6720 is passed in the House of Representatives



  • Parliamentary event sponsored by SNP Member of Parliament Dr. Lisa Cameron, and over twenty mps, discusses merits of imposing dog meat ban across Britain