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Make it Illegal to Eat Dogs in the UK

Pass legislation that would make eating dog meat illegal in the UK

Why is this important?

Every year it is estimated that 30 million dogs are killed for their meat. Surprisingly, despite laws banning the trading of dog meat and the slaughter of dogs in abattoirs in the UK, the law still permits the consumption of dog meat.

If we close this legal loophole, it will send an unequivocal message that this despicable act is not welcome in the UK. It will also send a powerful signal of the UK’s moral opposition to this horrific practice and encourage other nations, where there is more of a problem, to introduce a ban.

This is why the World Dog Alliance, an animal welfare charity, are working to ban the consumption of dog meat worldwide.

The World Dog Alliance are calling on the UK Government, in its upcoming animal welfare legislation, to include measures to ban dog meat consumption. Such a ban will follow other countries and regions across the world that have already made it illegal to consume dog meat, such as Germany, Austria, Taiwan and Hong Kong. South Australia has also banned the practice even though no cases of dog meat consumption have been reported. The United States is the next country to enact a legal ban on dog meat.

We need our government to make it clear, under no uncertain terms, that the UK is against the consumption of dog meat.

For more information on this campaign, check out our website:

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